Letter from Roy Thomas Bruce to Maud Goodenough Bruce, 15 October 1914 (identifier: 135613)


My dearest Maud:
Thanks very
much for your telegram,
it arrived safely this
time, just after we
left the shore.
We are still
anchored in the stream,
and now do not expect
to move off until
tomorrow. I would
not be surprised to
wake up & find we
had departed.
You really ought
to see the harbour,
numerous large transports
all painted grey, &
several battleships
English & Japanese, it
is really a great sight.
I see by a published
list that Chillie is
not included in the
reinforcements, how did
that happen.
Andrews is Staff Officer,
he will be pleased, but
poor old Nicholls is left
out again, however I
expect there will be
plenty more chances for
I hear rumours of
Durban as a port, curious
if my original idea of
Africa should eventuate
after all.
What do you think,
they have sent Major
on board to look
after the 8th & 10th
, vice Major
who now only looks
after his own under
Overton. I am very
glad, because Overton
is a good soldier. We
at least will know where
we are.
Au revoir dearest of
, I love you both
very much as much
as I know how to.

Roy X For you X For Helen.