Letter from Roy Bruce to Maud Bruce (identifier: 135598)


My dearest Maud:
I'm afraid you
won't get much of a letter this
time. I wasn't feeling up to the
mark yesterday, & had to go to the
drillshed in the evening, however
I am all right today
Have just seen the
nurse away, she really seemed quite
sorry to go.
Will send all your
things up in a day or two & also
Bowie's order.
Emily tells me Ada
is coming here on Monday for a
holiday by herself, I suggested
she might like to go & stay with
you for a few days, Emily said
she thought she would, so if
you want her you had better
write to her here at Mrs. Miles.
It seemed to me rather a good
The weather is just showing
signs of clearing, I hope for
good, it has been awful.
The tournament is coming
off on the 16th ish [unclear] here and we
hope to get away to Auckland
Webb came back this
morning, more or less disgusted
at being kept so long. I am
afraid the Property Corps are going
to win on technical points, but
morally they stink.
Goodbye for the present
dear, I am so glad to hear
you are both getting on so well.
Look after each other, I will
try & write a better letter next
Kiss me dear, we always have
each other.